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This Man Has Spent 29 Years Living Alone On A Desert Island


Have you ever heard of Robinson
Crusoe? You probably have and if you
have not, I have a real life example for
you- Masafumi Nagasaki, a former
photographer and factory worker from
Osaka, who has been living in a
completely deserted island for about
twenty nine years, which is a year
more than Crusoe’s time alone on an
island. But that is not the biggest
difference between the two. Read
more to find out.

Crusoe had been shipwrecked,
whereas our guy, Mr. Nagasaki
decided to live on the island and had
given up civilisation on his own
volition. Even though he lived in a city
like Osaka, Masafumi never felt like he
fit into the modern way of life. He had
become sick of civilisation and when
he moved to the island, he only
planned to stay for two years but after
a typhoon took back even the last of
his belongings with it, he gave up the
idea of ever going back. He is the only
human on the island and he roams
about completely naked, except once
a week, when he puts on clothes and
goes to a well inhabited island nearby
to purchase rice cakes, with the
money that his sister lends him. You
might say that he has not completely
renounced civilisation but we have to
keep in mind and that living in a
deserted island all by oneself is no
easy feat.

When asked what’s the one thing that he wished he had from the world of civilisation, he says, it is a lighter. Masafumi believes that things like money and organised religion are making humans selfish and more brutal with each passing day. He chooses to live a life of reclusion because he wants to be away from these things and other complications of the modern day civilisation. He even says that he does not feel lonely because a life alone is better than a life filled with the need for worldly possessions and other things. He had always made his wish to die in that very island very clear, a death caused being taken by a typhoon are the specifics of his wish, but unfortunately, from what it looks like, his wish may not come true. His health was seen to be deteriorating and he had started to look frailer than he did before, which is why the government of Japan ordered him to be taken back to the city, where he could get medical attention

Masafumi is a compassionate human being, who loves animals and the nature and even though it is undeniable that he needs medical help and good treatment, one cannot help but hope that his last wish is fulfilled and he gets to see his last day in this world in the place he has known as home for almost three decades. We do not hear about people like Masafumi in recent times, so even if one does not agree with his stance on materialism; his story is undeniably one of the most interesting ones that we may come across.

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