The World’s Richest Dog Is Worth Over
Rs.2000 Cr

The richest dog in the world is named Gunther
His father, Gunther Ill, inherited Rs 2,372 cr,
when his owner, the German Countess KarlottaLieberstein, died.
Gunther lV owns a villa in the Bahamas and a
mansion in Miami, where Madonna used to live.

A typical day in the life of Gunther IV is nothing short of extraordinary. With a slew of mansions, cars, and human staff, Gunther lives like a “king”

The bedazzled dog is waited on paw and foot by a personal maid and butler. He eats steak and caviar for dinner at the beck and bark of his human staff, enjoys cool summers in his customized swimming pool, and rides around in a limo as he is brought from one multi-million-dollar home to the next

Originally, when Leibenstein died in 1991 she left her $80 million fortune to her beloved dog, Gunther III. She had no children and was deeply attached to her pets; while it was outrageous, the will was no surprise. Only a short month after Leibenstein died, Gunther III passed away as well leaving his vast fortune to his son, Gunther IV. The trustee’s who were in charge of Gunther IV’s care turned his fortune into five times what it was worth through smart investments, making Gunther IV the richest animal in the world..



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