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These Hidden Indian Treasures Are Worth Billions?

There are minions of precious gemstones, and Hidden Indian Treasures that went unexplored and are still blooming with gold reserves that can make anyone a mimonaire.
1. Son Bhandar Caves, Bihar
This place is believed to be the ‘store of gold’ The inscriptions in the Shankhalipi script are found etched on the wall of the western cave which are the clues to open the doorway.
2. Mughal treasure of Alwar, Rajasthan.

Emperor Jahangir stayed in Bala Quila fort and it is believed that during that time he hid treasure here. most of which is still not salvaged.
3.Charminar, Hyderabad 
The tunnel that connects the Minar with the Golconda fort is believed to have hidden treasures. The purpose of this tunnel was to facilitate safe passage for the royal family in case of emergencies.
4. Treasure of Man Singh, Jaipur 
Legends say that Man Singh1 who was the commander of Akbar’s army, won a loot and didn‘t share it with him. It is also said that he hid the treasury in the fort.
5.Sri Mookambika temple, Karnataka 
This temple which is situated in the foothills of Kolur has a symbol of the serpent in it. The priests of the temple believe that it represents the presence of treasure. beneath the temple that’s to be protected by a serpent.
6. Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Kerala 
In June 2001 as per an order by the court. an underground vault was opened in the temple and immense wealth was found in this Hidden Indian Treasures
Another vault exists which is supposed to contain wealth that surpasses the estimated $22 billion worth oftreasure found in Vault A.
7.Krishna river treasure, Andhra Pradesh 
The Krishna and Guntur districts were once part of the Golconda Kingdom. and some of the world’s finest diamonds were mined from the banks of the Krishna river.
It’s assumed that diamond reserves still remain in this Hidden Indian Treasures at the bottom of the river.



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