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Abandoned Travel Destinations That No Travel Guide Will Tell You


There are so many hidden and abandoned
places that travel freaks still don’t know.
Here are some hidden and  Abandoned         Travel Destinations  that are far away from the city life but also away from our reach!

These following travel destinations will freak you out check it out:-

*)  The Kofuns, Japan
These are the artificial islands and are
ancient burial sites of members of the
Japanese Imperial families. They can
be visited on very rare occasions by
archaeologists, but only with permission of the Imperial Court.

*) North Sentinel Island, India
The natives living here are far from
being touched by modernization or
The Indian authorities prohibit anyone
from approaching this island for the
safety of the tourists or visitors.*) Area 51, USA
The US government officially confirmed in 2013, the existence of this top secret facility. Area 51 is said to be a US Air Force base where next generation aircraft are being developed.

*) Church of St. Mary of Zion,
This is a specially built chapel that holds the church’s holiest treasure: the Ark of the Covenant.
The Ark is guarded by one person
who is the only one who has access to the relic. He is forbidden from leaving the church’s premises, ever or talk to outsiders.

*) Kahoolawe Island, USA

Kahoolawe is a natural reserve. And the only way one can visit it is byjoining a volunteer team working to restore its Ioca| environment. *) British Telecom Tower, United Kingdom

In an unfortunate incidence, when an explosion took place inside the tower, the revolving restaurant and observation deck were closed down for the public.

Still, at times, when this beauty hosts charity events, a few lucky ones get to see London from a different place.Abondunt place s

*) Ise Grand Shrine, Japan

This holiest shrine complex of Japna is only accessible to priests and members of the royal families.Rest everyone has to admire the roofs of the shrines from behind several rows of fences.

*) Varosha, Cyprus

This city used to be Cyprus’s top tourist destination until one day in July 1974, when everything changed. Turkish troops invaded this city following a mass evacuation. Ever since Varosha remains cut off, and a danger zone.  

*) Sable Island, Canada

To visit this natural reserve, you have to write a petition to the government of Canada, explaining the necessity and a convincing reason for your trip.

*) Pionen Data Center, Sweden

This nuclear bunker has now been transformed into an ultramodern office environment for a Swedish Internet Service Provider. At a depth of 98 feet and hidden behind three-and-a-half-foot thick doors, the confidential information belonging to a lot of famous websites is stored here.*)  Lascaux Cave, France

The cave contains unique prehistoric paintings and to protect them, the entrance to Lascaux is now closed to tourists after 15 years of unrestricted access.

*)The “Don-2N” Radar Station, Russia.

In this travel destination you will find pyramid shaped building has a height of 131 feet and a width of 459 feet, at the base. It is a key element in the city of Moscow’s missile defense system.On very rare occasions, journalists are allowed a guided tour of the facilities.*) Mount Rushmore Hall of Records, USA

Mount Rushmore has a secret room carved out deep inside the rock.

The room containing copies of the country’s most imponant historical documents is a time capsule.The entrance door is made of a granite slab, secured with a combination lock mechanisms. 

These are some abandoned Travel Destinations for travel buddies who wants to explore such places.!!!


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