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He ls The World’s Most Tattooed Person on this planet”Gregory Paul McLaren or as he calls himself, Lucky”


Diamond Rich, has the title of being the world’smost tattooed person.He has tattoos covering his entire body, includinghe insides of his eyelids, ears and foreskin.ich was inspired to tattoo his body during childhood when he read about numerous men and women who have done the same.


Lucky Diamond Rich was born in 1971 in New Zealand and his birth name is Gregory Paul McLaren. Gregory changed his name to Richy Rich at 18, inspired by the famous cartoon character. Later he changed his alias again to Lucky Rich.

Some people are brave enough to get to know or talk to me, others are not,” Lucky said.

“But what others think of me is none of my business.”


Lucky, who is originally from Brisbane but travels the world showing off his body art, sword-swallowing and chainsaw juggling skills, says he really has only one tattoo, rather than hundreds.

“I have one body so I have one tattoo,” he said.

As a street performer, Lucky says he uses “only what I’ve been given”.

Rich’s first tattoo was a small juggling club on his hip but he soon found himself back under the needle and by now has managed to ink every inch of his body. His full body tattoo covers everything including the insides of his mouth, eyelids, ears and foreskin!!?


The majority of Rich’s bodysuit is heavy blackwork but also features a number of pieces using white ink, such as the word ‘Karma’ written across his throat! Rich has been tattooed for over 1000 hours by hundreds of artists. Most recently he added a bold bio-mechanical sleeve covering some pre-existing ink.

“Tattoos are no longer just for a certain age group or type of person,” Mr Brown said.

“That’s really a thing of the past. Just the other day I did a Footscray tattoo on a 71-year-old man.

“Tattoos are a mark of time and they grow old with you. You remember the moment and the interaction with the artist. They’re like souvenirs on the body.”


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