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A lady who cooked his boy friend!


The first Australian woman to be given
life imprisonment without parole, Knight
stabbed her husband to death, skinned
him, cooked him, and placed his body
parts on plates with name place cards
next to them.

Katherine Knight has been in prison since she killed her partner, John Price, in 2001.  If you’re unfamiliar with Katherine Knight, she committed one of the worst atrocities in Australian history.  She stabbed her partner 37 times, skinned him like an animal in a slaughterhouse, decapitated him, and cooked his head in the oven along with some vegetables with the intention of serving his flesh to his children

While Knight was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, as well as post- traumatic stress disorder, she was deemed sane by the psychiatrists. a mother of four – committed a crime so shocking and unsettling, many people drew comparisons between her and some of the most depraved and prolific Australian serial killers. While she only murdered one victim – her boyfriend of several years, John Price – the acts Knight subjected the man’s body to after viciously stabbing him to death reminded many in Australia of crimes perpetrated by the world’s worst cannibal serial killers.

When police discovered Knight’s deeds the morning after she ended Price’s life in the home the couple had shared in New South Wales, they were disgusted by what they found at the bloody crime scene. The following year, Knight was convicted of the shocking murder, and the judge in charge of sentencing the middle-aged mother was so disturbed by her crimes, he imposed a penalty no other woman in Australia has ever received.

Because her appeal was denied in 2006, it’s unlikely Knight will ever be released from prison. Currently, Knight is incarcerated at the Silverwater Women’s Correctional Centre, a maximum security facility in New South Wales that is home to some of Australia’s most dangerous female offenders.


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